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The Future of FlexiTime Payroll

March 12, 2020
The Future of FlexiTime Payroll | Blog
Rob | FlexiTime Resource Author

Robert Owen


You’ve no doubt heard that there are some upcoming changes to the way you access FlexiTime Payroll. That’s because when you run FlexiTime in your browser, it uses Flash Player. Flash will be disabled in browsers from the end of 2020.

To ensure a smooth transition and ongoing access, we've just launched an app version that you can install on your computer and run on your desktop without the browser. 

The functionality is exactly the same, it’s just the way that you access FlexiTime Payroll that will change. You can download the app here. It will still connect to the Cloud and all of your existing data and payroll history will be available as normal. You can still use FlexiTime Mobile, FlexiTime SHiFT and the employee time portal.

In the meantime we’ve been busy building PayHero. It’s built on a brand new technology infrastructure and doesn’t use Flash Player at all so you’ll be able to continue to use it via your browser after the end of this year. 

PayHero also has a fresh design and plenty of upgraded functionality, including GPS timesheets; keeping track of key employment documents; and expense management that lets employees add a photo of a receipt when they submit an expense claim from the mobile app.

If you’re interested in migrating to PayHero, check out this article: Account migration - FlexiTime Payroll to PayHero.

If you’d prefer to continue to use FlexiTime, you can download our app here

You can continue to use FlexiTime via your web browser until the end of 2020, after which you’ll need to use the app version.

We’re continuing to develop some fantastic new features in PayHero, and you can try out an interactive demo if you want to take a peek! Otherwise, if you decide to stick with FlexiTime you’ll always have the option to move to PayHero at a later date. 

Get in touch with us if you have any questions at

Rob | FlexiTime Resource Author

Robert Owen


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