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Retail NZ Preferred Supplier partnership announced

July 13, 2015
Retail NZ Preferred Supplier partnership announced | News
Jake | FlexiTime Resource Author



FlexiTime is pleased to announce a preferred supplier partnership with Retail New Zealand.

Retail NZ is the country’s leading retail trade association with a membership that represents just under 5,000 members and around two-thirds of retail industry turnover.

FlexiTime’s integrated payroll and timesheet software is an excellent solution for retailers, from small, independent stores to nationwide chain outlets.

With FlexiTime, you can build rosters across multiple stores, record employees’ shifts to the minute with the photo timeclock, and then use the time entries from the timeclock to create payroll.


Find out how Penny Ginn at Gregory uses FlexiTime to manage scheduling and payroll across 10 stores nationwide.


FlexiTime uses timesheet history to automatically calculate public holiday entitlements for part time and casual employees, eliminating the need for manual calculations.

At a minimum you’ll save hours of admin time with FlexiTime, and if you use the photo timeclock to pay your staff to the minute you’ll probably also save thousands on your annual wages.

Find out more about how FlexiTime’s retail payroll software could benefit your business.

Jake | FlexiTime Resource Author



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