Prefab | Payroll Customer
Prefab | Payroll Customer



Jeff Kennedy and Bridget Dunn know a thing or two about running a hospitality business. Following an overseas travel exploration after selling Caffe L’affare, Jeff and Bridget got back to doing what they love when they opened 180-seat Wellington cafe Prefab in February 2013.

Having a great location and interior, friendly staff and serving fresh seasonal food, house baked goods and perfectly roasted coffee; the basic principles of keeping customers coming in the door have remained relatively consistent over the past twenty years. Unfortunately, Bridget soon found the same was not true of managing the admin side of a busy cafe.

“Our old desktop payroll and accounting system was overly complex and a constant source of frustration. On top of that, we used to use paper timesheets. With 50 staff, it would take us at least three hours a week to manually calculate, check and enter all the hours into our payroll system.”

They quickly realised there must be a better way. After a bit of research, the Prefab team decided to make the move to FlexiTime and Xero. As well as payroll, Prefab also use FlexiTime’s photo time clock so their employees clock in and out of their shifts and are paid for the exact number of minutes they work.

“The time clock has been fantastic for us. It keeps our employees honest and there is no more rounding to the nearest 15 minutes or clocking off late. The hours each employee works are automatically loaded into FlexiTime and once a manager has approved the hours, our office staff can create the payroll in just a few clicks.”

Their old payroll system was difficult to use and understand and only their accounts person had the specialist knowledge to operate it. “If she was sick on payday we were in trouble. In contrast, my staff love FlexiTime’s intuitive interface and ease of use.”

“The integration with Xero is superb and the fact that it is all in the Cloud means we can see our staff costs in real time. Our accountant can also log in from his office and provide real time support if required. It’s a relief to know that our data is now securely available online, rather than hosted on one PC in the office that could crash at any time.”

Using FlexiTime has cut the time Prefab spend doing payroll by 80%. Not only that, says Bridget, but “thanks to the photo time clock, the amount we’re saving on wages more than pays for our monthly bill. It’s an ideal solution for a cafe business and a no-brainer for us.”

Company: Prefab
Industry: Hospitality
Customer since: November 2013
Team size: 50+
Why FlexiTime?
  • Accurate time recording with the photo time clock
  • Easy to use with an intuitive interface
  • Xero integration
  • Can see staff costs in real time
  • Cloud based for secure access from anywhere
Prefab | Payroll Customer

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