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INSIDE Recruitment | Payroll Customer

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INSIDE Executive Recruitment has a simple philosophy to ensure they deliver outstanding results for their clients and candidates. They keep things simple by focusing on three components – finding people, selecting the right one and keeping them happy. With staff across their Auckland and Wellington offices, they focus on the recruitment of middle and senior management roles, specialist positions and executive search.

With a fast growing contractor payroll, operations manager Lauren Hall explains that INSIDE needed a timesheet and payroll system that could keep up with their growth and make the process smoother for their operations and finance teams.

Moving from manual processes to automation

“Essentially the whole process was very manual. We had a spreadsheet running alongside approvals in our CRM system but it was not integrated with Xero and required a lot of manual inputting.

“Contractors generated their own invoices which needed to be reconciled and then entered into Xero manually, meaning hours of work. The payroll was calculated using a spreadsheet and bank transactions were entered manually. Clients were then invoiced individually through our financial system.

“It was becoming a huge administrative burden and we decided we needed to do something about it.”

That’s where FlexiTime came in. By switching to a single system that combines timesheets with payroll and contractor management, INSIDE has completely automated the process.

Contractors now enter their timesheets into FlexiTime, an email is sent to the client for one click approval and then that time is used to create both payroll and an invoice for the client. Both transactions automatically appear in Xero for easy reconciliation.

“It used to take our finance manager probably 3 days to run a payroll from start to finish. Now, it takes around half a day for a payroll that is twice the size.”

“In a payroll week I personally save at least 5 hours of work. In addition, the interface between FlexiTime and Xero means that our Finance team is saving about two and a half days of work.”

“It was a big job to move the data from our previous system to FlexiTime. It took a few weeks for us to complete the set up. The upfront work was certainly worth it in the end and over the next year we really got the system humming.

“FlexiTime has streamlined our whole process for us. In a payroll week I personally save at least 5 hours of work. In addition, the interface between FlexiTime and Xero means that our Finance team is saving about two and a half days of work.”

Enhanced reporting provides business insights

“FlexiTime’s reporting functionality has been hugely valuable for our business. We generate customised reports at the click of a button, pulling ‘real-time’ information about our margins and forecasts. It gives us important insights and the ability to go the extra mile by sending gifts to top clients or contractors who have been working longer hours than expected.”

No looking back

“There are a lot of reasons why we love FlexiTime,” says Lauren. “Sam and the support team at Flexitime have been wonderful. They are always very patient and thorough. The support for our previous system was located in Australia, making it very difficult to get action on urgent issues (and, let’s face it, most issues with payroll are urgent).”

It’s not just INSIDE that has benefited from using FlexiTime, but their contractors and clients as well. “Our clients can now review timesheets and approve them in a single click from an email, without having to log in to any system. Our contractors also save time because they no longer need to invoice us. They can download buyer-created invoices which are approved by IRD straight from the system.

“FlexiTime are always striving for improvement and looking at ways to enhance the product. They recently released a raft of updates specifically for recruitment. A lot of the small little issues I was experiencing with the system were gone. I was buzzing about it for days afterwards.

“At the end of the day, the best thing about FlexiTime is the ability it gives us to streamline our admin processes. No matter the size or volume of your payroll, Flexitime will simplify it.”

Company: INSIDE Recruitment
Industry: Recruitment
Customer since: July 2013
Team size: 16+
Why FlexiTime?
  • Saves hours per week in admin time
  • Automation reduces risk of human error
  • Integration with Xero
  • Powerful reporting provides performance metrics
  • Responsive local support team
  • Always striving for improvement with frequent product updates

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