Payroll for Hospitality

Manage your labour costs with smarter scheduling, accurate time tracking and payroll

Accurately pay variable hour employees
Optimise rosters and control labour costs
Track to-the-minute timesheets & breaks
Approve timesheets before paying employees
Automate public holiday payroll calculations

Get started in minutes, no credit card required.

FlexiTime Workforce Management Software
Payroll for Hospitality

Panhead Custom Ales,
FlexiTime Customer

FlexiTime Hospitality Payroll Customers

FlexiTime Workforce Management Software
Optimise roster costs & manage shifts easily

Fast employee scheduling

Roster the right staff at the right time

Build your ideal roster with a single click
AI auto-scheduling takes skills, availability, shift preferences, wage costs, and other requirements into account to automatically build highly optimised rosters in no time.

Perfect rosters, every time
Schedule the right number of employees for each department to meet demand and keep your costs down. Add, edit and swap shifts quickly and easily.

Control costs & optimise coverage
Accurately cost staff against sales to ensure you’ve got the right coverage at the right times. Set strict roster start times to eliminate unplanned overtime.

Everyone is excited about the move to PayHero, with overwhelmingly positive feedback across the brewery. You’ve got a fantastic product there.

Panhead | Ben Bakker | FlexiTime Customer
Ben BakkerPanhead

Simple, accurate time tracking

Record exact clock in and out times for fast, error-free payroll

Start shifts with a selfie
Get your staff to clock in and out and record breaks with our photo time clock app. It's easy and fun for employees to use, increases your payroll accuracy and saves hours of admin time.

Automatic timesheets
Clock in and outs automatically update timesheets in your payroll. No more collecting paper timesheets, checking the hours have been added up correctly and typing them into your payroll system.

Real-time attendance
Monitor the day’s attendance & breaks in real-time. Keep a tab on who’s on the clock, taking a break, running late and working overtime.

FlexiTime Workforce Management Software
Photo time clock & real-time staff attendance

Thanks to the photo time clock, the amount we’re saving on wages more than pays for our monthly bill. It’s a no-brainer for us.

Prefab | Bridget Dunn | FlexiTime Customer
Bridget DunnPrefab
FlexiTime Workforce Management Software
Sync timesheets from mobile directly to payroll

Stress-free payroll

Pay employees right with payroll software, built for businesses like yours

Automated public holiday calculations
PayHero determines whether a public holiday is an otherwise working day for an employee based on their recent work pattern and calculates their entitlements accordingly.

Employee self-service
Save time and hassle by letting your staff view leave balances and request leave from the employee app. They can access their old payslips too, so you don’t need to dig them out.

Integrate with Xero
Automatically send payroll data through to Xero. Keep it simple or assign wage costs to different account codes and tracking categories for a more detailed breakdown.

Recently an accounting firm was pitching me for business. They told me they could do my payroll in just two hours a week. I told them it only takes me 10 minutes.

Wellington Chocolate Factory | Rochelle Harrison | FlexiTime Customer
Rochelle HarrisonWellington Chocolate Factory

Simplify compliance

Focus on your customers & staff and let us take care of the tricky stuff

Stay onside with the Holidays Act
Hospo is a hotbed of potentially tricky payroll scenarios with part time and variable hour staff and regularly changing work patterns. PayHero follows the latest MBIE Holidays Act guidance to ensure your employees maintain the correct holiday entitlements, even when things change.

Seamlessly manage paid & unpaid breaks
When your staff record breaks on the time clock app, PayHero will automatically figure out if the break should be a paid 10-minute rest break or an unpaid 30-minute meal break in line with the latest legal requirements.

Automated payday filing
Payday filing is a piece of cake in PayHero – just connect your account to myIR and we’ll automatically send your payroll information through after every pay.

Payroll software compliance for Hospitality

The only software on the market currently able to accurately calculate the leave entitlements for employees with irregular working patterns, without manual intervention, is PayHero.

Admin Army | Irene Bennetts | FlexiTime Customer
Irene BennettsAdmin Army

All the tools you need to run your hospo business better

It all adds up

No more rounding to the nearest 15 minutes or having a drink while still on the clock. With the time clock, on average our hospo customers save 8 minutes per employee per shift – or over $640 a year for each full time employee earning minimum wage.

Insight into finances and staffing

Track your wage costs across departments, ensuring you never go over budget. Compare staff costs with your revenue to ensure you have the right number of staff rostered on at busy and quiet periods.

Easy set up

Grab an iPad or Android tablet, sign in to the photo time clock app and you’re ready to go. No huge setup costs or annual maintenance fees like with fingerprint scanners or card based systems.

Works the way your business does

Easily set up different departments – such as bar, kitchen, front of house – for clocking in and reporting on costs.

Free support

Our friendly Wellington-based support team is available by phone or email to help you out whenever you need it.

Try before you buy

With a fully featured free 14 day trial, you can take PayHero for a risk-free test run before committing.

It’s time to work better

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