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May 11, 2015
Hospitality payroll software | Blog
Jake | FlexiTime Resource Author



Payroll can be complex and time consuming for hospitality businesses. You’re likely to have a combination of full time, part time and casual employees. You’ve probably got some people on salary and others on an hourly rate. You might have a number of separate departments such as Kitchen, Bar, Front of House etc. Perhaps you even have staff across multiple work sites.

With that level of complexity, no doubt your roster also changes from week to week, meaning that you spend a fair bit of time on scheduling. And let me guess, unlike most of the population you dread public holidays? We’ve talked to many restaurant and bar owners who spend many long and frustrating hours after each public holiday going back through paper timesheets trying to figure out whether a public holiday was an otherwise working day for each employee.

Thankfully there’s a better way. FlexiTime makes hospitality payroll easy. Unlike most payroll systems, FlexiTime is specifically designed for businesses with flexible working arrangements. We have many hospo customers and understand the industry. Many of our product developments over the past few years have been suggested by and tested by hospo customers.


Find out how using FlexiTime has cut the time Prefab café spend on payroll by 80%.


With FlexiTime, you can roster your staff, record their shifts to the minute with our photo time clock and then use the time entries from the time clock to create payroll in just a few clicks. FlexiTime uses timesheet history to automatically calculate public holiday entitlements for each employee, eliminating the need for manual calculations.

At a minimum you’ll save hours of admin time with FlexiTime. If you use the photo time clock to pay your staff to the minute you’ll probably also save thousands on your annual wages.

David Conroy, a Hospitality Consultant from Integrate Solutions has overseen the implementation of FlexiTime in several bars in Auckland. He says, “the standout benefit for me is the significant time saving achieved by capturing the hours worked by employees directly into the payroll system for managers to check daily/weekly.

The accuracy of timesheets recorded by the photo time clock means you can check only unusual time entries, allowing focus on the things that matter.

The rostering function ensures we know our labour costs in advance of each week, meaning we have a very clear picture of sales targets and can proactively manage our staff. And of course being online, employees have access to all their information 24/7.”

Visit our hospitality payroll page for more info or sign up for a 14-day free trial and get started!

Jake | FlexiTime Resource Author



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