Gregory | Payroll Customer
Gregory | Payroll Customer



For over 20 years, Gregory has been producing quality design-led womenswear. With 10 stores around the country and over 40 staff, they have forged a reputation for innovative and original designs and exceptional customer service. You only need to walk into one of their stores to see the attention to detail and uncompromising focus on quality that sets them apart. That demand for quality runs deeper than their clothing and store design. They expect it from their business support tools too.

By using FlexiTime for rosters, time recording and payroll, Gregory is able to manage their admin processes for the whole country remotely from head office, while still giving local managers control of the operations in their store.

Before switching to FlexiTime, the team at Gregory were running a very manual operation and paying a third party to manage their payroll.

“We used to have to collect paper timesheets and send them to our payroll company,” says retail manager Penny Ginn. “They would then manually enter the hours and process the pay for us. It was a laborious and expensive process and it meant that we had little control or oversight of our staff scheduling and payroll obligations.”

“With FlexiTime, we can set weekly rosters for each store that can be accessed and reviewed by the store managers. It also allows us to set up a weekly budget for our wages and adhere to that budget.

We can easily see how we’re tracking against budget in any given week and make an informed decision about whether we want to roster a part-timer on to cover a weekend shift rather than the store manager.

“Using FlexiTime’s photo time clock has made our staff more diligent in their time keeping. It takes a photo when they clock in and again when they clock out and they know that those times equate with what they are paid for.”

We’ve got it set up with the strict roster start time, which means if people clock in before their shift is due to start, their time entry will be from the rostered start time rather than the clock in time.

With exact working hours captured we can easily see discrepancies between times rostered and actually worked and manage those appropriately.”

The photo time clock has other benefits too. “You can see at a glance that the person clocking in is the person it should be. You can also see the appearance of the person and ensure that they are wearing our clothing, which is important in a retail environment.”

Using rosters and the photo time clock makes payroll easy too. “The time entries from the iPad are automatically loaded into FlexiTime timesheets. We can approve those timesheets and create a pay without having to re-enter the hours.”

“Bringing the whole process in-house with an easy to use tool has given us more control over and visibility of an important area for our bottom line,” says Penny.

“We’ve now got rostering, time recording and payroll in a single system and we’re paying about a quarter of what we used to pay for outsourced payroll. Not only that, but we’re saving at least 10% on wages. We couldn’t be happier with FlexiTime and the way it lets us manage our business.”

Company: Gregory
Industry: Retail
Customer since: January 2013
Team size: 40+
Why FlexiTime?
  • Single system for rosters, time recording and payroll
  • Allows remote management of stores across the country
  • Can set and adhere to a weekly budget for staffing costs
  • Clocking in and out means staff are paid for the exact time worked
  • Easy to use tool gives management more visibility and control over national operations

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